10 - 22 December 1998

After arrival in LA, (Van Nuys) I joined Barbara's efforts to raise donations for badly needed medical supplies. As you might imagine we had to really come up to speed on creating a non-profit organization and learn the correct bookkeeping for this kind of structure. Thanks to Angela Vamianakis, the path to understanding was quick, the filing with the IRS went smoothly and we had the proper tax I.D. number within short order. Previous to my arrival back to Van Nuys Airport, Barbara had been hard at work promoting the idea of donations for the Nicaragua-Honduras Relief Mission. What difficult work! Just because it seemed like a great idea in a few minds, did not mean that everyone shared our point of view. We were often reminded of the times we didn't give for a good cause. Well, how does one know these days? There are thousands of relief agencies and we just started another one! How would people know that ours' was a good organization and that the donation did not go into the pockets of a few fat-cat administrators? Well, our friends came through and a few other new people that believed in us, too. This, and hard work from a lot of employees and we're glad to report, the list of contributors continues to grow. We really appreciate the special efforts of a lady by the name of Rosie, who donated beyond her fair share, our special thanks to her. To the businesses and special friends around the Van Nuys Airport and Interior Pacific Flight Systems, Vernon B.C. Canada, you are making this possible. Also, a special thanks to Neil Frame at Operation U.S.A., Ellen Castleman of Pleasure Travel, and our good friend Mr. Ernest Borgnine. The rest of the list of special folks is on the web site: www.avalon450.com Together, we have collected and purchased tons of medical supplies, food and clothing, all in a short amount of time. This we can assure you will be delivered directly to the ones who need it the most. The next entry in our journal, will take us back to Central America.


Ed and Barbara Cesar

Van Nuys,


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