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27 December 1998

Our next stop was a Sunday school on the island of Guanaja, in the Bay islands of Honduras. This island, you may remember was hardest hit by Hurricane Mitch. On the way out to Guanaja, we encountered rain and poor visibility caused by light rain. Since Guanaja does not have any fixed navigation aids to home in on, we relied on GPS. When flying over water for a distance it is easy to become disoriented when you are dodging and avoiding rain cells. The onboard GPS mapping and navigation system was working perfectly and effectively guided us to the small runway on the island. After arriving at the airport, we were picked up by Pastor Daniella by boat, and taken to the one surviving community called Bonacca.

Our main reason for returning to the island, was to visit a children's Sunday school called the Guanaja Christian Center. The government of Honduras and the First Lady, have mandated that the relief efforts would be distributed through the various religious organizations. On this particular mission we delivered medical supplies to the island clinic and also delivered Christmas presents to the children of the school. We had and impromptu party and went out to the yard for some pictures. The children were all very happy considering what they had been through.

The day is going quick, it's afternoon, and it is time to go. Pastor Daniella has asked to be taken back to Tegucigalpa, for a government reconstruction meeting (one of many) for Guanaja. We travel back to the airport and take off.


Ed and Barbara

Guanaja, Bay Islands


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