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28 December 1998 thru 4 January 1999

We have a long trip back to the U.S., some 2000 miles, through Central America and Mexico so we need to start back soon. We have a ton of things on hold because of this trip, but it was definitely worth it.

There have been a lot of experiences that Barbara and I have had in the last weeks.

We have been here on a mission of mercy, representing our friends, our families and business associates in California and Canada doing what can be done to help relieve the sufferings of a natural disaster. We have reflected a lot on our own lives.

How did we come to do this? Our stateside and new found friends in Honduras and Nicaragua have asked us this question more than once. We discussed this one evening and realized that it must be in the way we were brought up. We are both so fortunate to have come from loving and caring families.

During this whole mission to Central America, our loving parents were there supporting us with constant communication. They gave us that kind of support that only Moms' and Dads' can give, and for Barbara's dad "Sam" he was definitely there in spirit.

For them, we honor and thank them for being the special souls that they are, for giving us the kind of upbringing that causes to look beyond "self". You are very special because of this.

For other supporters of the flights and the Charity tree we could not have done this without your contributions. Thank you for being counted to help your fellow being in need. As the pastor I met in Trujillo said while wiping away his happy tears upon arriving with badly needed medical supplies, "you, your wife your families and all the people who made this possible will certainly go to Heaven".

This has all been a very moving experience for all of us and we would like to tell you a big thanks from Barbara and myself. It also goes beyond words to say the least, the great feelings you experience when you go all out. Perhaps there is a lesson in all of this.

We do know one thing, that we optimistically look forward to 1999 and wish happiness and success to each one of you.

Ed Cesar

Enroute to the U.S. via Roatan-Hon., Tegucigalpa-Hon., Oaxaca-Mex., Guadalahara-Mex., Guamas-Mex., Baja-Mex., Van Nuys, California.

P.S. Happy Anniversary Barbara! I love you…… Eddie

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