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3-4 December 1998

These days have been spent in aerial reconnaissance. Some areas have had little help and I flew a "mission" to see what could be used for a landing area, since there are no roads into this area, only foot trails. The town I was asked to go to is named "La Cruz" on the Rio Grande. I have depicted the areas on maps to show the distances flown. Remember that there is no fuel at the river areas and constant vigilance must be kept on the fuel supply. Other pictures show the banks of the water washed away and palapas (palm thatched homes) with them. The river has risen over seventy feet over the normal water levels in higher terrain areas. Many of the palapas close to the river edge showed only foundations left. The people that survived have lost their crops planted and live pretty meager existences compared to life elsewhere as we know it. The general subsistence crops are coffee, corn, and beans.


Ed Cesar

Managua-La Cruz


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