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5 - 6 December, 1998

After reporting my findings to the "Doctor's Without Borders" on my flight over La Cruz, the various agencies will be able to effect relief to another town, effected by the Hurricane.

Today I have been asked to transfer to Honduras by the Nicaraguan Aero Club. I departed for Tegucigalpa at 12:00, and had an uneventful trip into Honduras. I was greeted by the Honduran Aero Club, and and whisked through customs and immigrations in less than 15 minutes. (this has got to be a record for paperwork in "Centro America").

On the way into the town, I was shown the devastation in town, with homes and a park left in a state of "uproot". Every where you look there are uprooted 60 – 80 year old trees, just left by the force of the river, here and there. Huge boulders have left their mark also.

To give you an idea of the force of Mother Nature, the river between Honduras and Nicaragua, the River CoCos I believe, was calculated by the local engineers at travelling at near 100 MPH, during the height of Hurricane Mitch ! This was caused by 10 days of rain, 40 inches per day. The normally peaceful river rose in some areas over 70 feet higher than normal.

One of the stories that amazed me, told to me by a friend, Carlos Gottfried, was a lady found over 200 miles out in the Caribbean Sea, by a British aircraft, clinging to a board. The search found her completely by accident while looking for an overdue sail boat ! Lucky lady !! The woman remarked that she had been washed down river, from some village many miles from the sea.

The aerial missions that will be performed tomorrow, will be a supply of medical supplies to an island in the Bay Group called Guanaja. I will fill you on the details tomorrow.


Ed Cesar

Managua-La Cruz


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