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6 - 7 December 1998

Things have been happening quickly upon my arrival and I have not kept up with my WEB page updates, excuse me. Most large Central American cities have an " Aero Club" that fosters the growth of general aviation. They have them in Guatemala City, Guatemala; Managua, Nicaragua and Tegucigalpa, Honduras to name a few. Captain Harry Marrder, of the Honduran Aero Club introduced me to Mr. Jack Midence of the Cornerstone Foundation of Honduras. This non-profit organization is helping the small towns and villages effected by Hurricane Mitch, especially the regions of the Bay Islands, and the "Mosquito" Coast. The island of Guanaja suffered 275-mph winds, that is incomprehensible to me! The damage that I saw was just unbelievable. I shot some aerials, of a small village called Savannah Bight. The homes were literally blown from their pier foundations. The entire town will have to be rebuilt, and they have no infrastructure to support the ones who survived.

Mr. Midence was very appreciative of the flights made with the Avalon 450 into Guanaja. We delivered medicines and an insect powder by the 5-gallon buckets.

Since the hurricane, there has been a fly infestation, due to the unsanitary conditions, and heaps of debris everywhere, disease is a problem.

We made trip after trip into Guanaja and another dirt strip called Danli. Most of the people that we are helping, are actual leaders, pastors or doctors in need.

When you leave such an industrialized society such as the West, and meet some of the people that are working without monetary consideration, it is truly heartwarming to lend a hand. Many times we shed tears together upon arrival to some distant village. Many times we prayed together holding remembrances of people that had vanished. This has been a truly humbling, emotional experience for Barbara and me.

For the folks that have helped us be here in these two countries, you are saving and rebuilding lives. The simple things that we nearly take for granted are truly appreciated in these two nations.


Ed Cesar



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