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8-9 December 1998

We have left early in the morning to meet an arriving Pastor from Lighthouse Ministries International. We flew to a town on the western edge of Honduras, near the Guatemalan border. The city is San Pedro Sula, for those of you with a good map. We will pick up a supply of drugstore type medicines that have been brought in from Miami, for delivery to Guanaja, Trujillo, La Ceiba, and Danli. The simple items like aspirin, Pepto Bismol (sp), Motrin, vitamins for children are unavailable here.

Pilots who fly here regularly, must learn to pace themselves, if any thing , the tortuous heat and 99% humidity. I listen intently at what is relayed on the aviation frequencies; it could save your life and your passengers. The constant chatter always has a little news of a distant area's weather or runway condition. Pilots always help each other here; there is a aviation brotherhood among pilots no matter what country they come from or. How difficult it is to communicate.


Ed Cesar

San Pedro Sula



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