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9 December 1998

There is no fuel where we go, so it must be tankard in the aircraft. Your flight planning has to be done carefully because there is no weather reports at the destination. Most of the runways have not been kept up, and are muddy and shorter than the out of date charts report.

I feel a little safer than most pilots do because the Avalon 450 lands in less than 500 feet and has amphibious floats. If a precautionary landing must be made, there are many lagoons, rivers and several lakes along the various routes taken.

I will be in touch with the Web site on an irregular basis, and will send photos of how your donations are helping out.

Incidentally, I will travel back to L.A . tomorrow to help Barbara organize more help. Call me if you like, if you have any ideas. I'm at 1-818-901-9828. Thanks.


Ed Cesar

Savannah Bight


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