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This site will chronical our mission. The first of the series will begin with November 23, 1998 through December 2, 1998 on this page. Each series is accompanied with photo thumbnails to the left that may be clicked for a larger view. Continue on with the links provided below.

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Keep visiting our site because we will be updating it as our mission continues.

From now through Christmas you may donate to the "Charity Tree". By purchasing an ornament your donation will go directly to church groups dedicated to flying our gifts to the remote areas where the people need them the most. Your company or individual name will be shown for the world to see. Go there now!

23 November 1998 to 1 December 1998

We have all been effected by the news about the Hurricane Mitch victims in Nicaragua and Honduras. Many have died from the actual flood and lack of food and medicine. There is story after story in the press of these people in distress.

Since many of our friends, business associates and community members, felt a strong need to do something to help, this is a record of what some of the donations have done and a diary of the help given to needy communities in these two countries.

There is a tremendous amount of food and clothing going into this area. Some of you have helped with medical supplies. The problem is getting the materials and help into the isolated areas. In Nicaragua, there is a lack of fuel in any other place than the major city of Managua, the same is true in Honduras, (Tegucigalpa). So, helicopters must tanker fuel and reduce their payloads, because of this. Many of the damaged areas cannot be reached, by any other means but foot.

The idea of utilizing a float plane to survey the eastern, Caribbean sections (most distant), were discussed with some of the staff of the Nicaraguan government. Also discussed, was the additional use of flying in medical help; and flying victims, especially children, out of isolated areas. It was decided to leave as soon as possible and ferry the Avalon Maule 450 the aircraft, to be used in this effort.

We have put together some small maps showing the route of the Avalon 450 on this 3000 mile trip, originating in Canada , at Interior Pacific Flight Systems, Vernon B.C. Canada.

The Avalon 450 was prepared for the trip (annual and maintenance prep.), by the capable staff who work for and with John and Debbie Mitchell. (Owners of Interior Pacific Flight Systems and builders of the Avalon 450.) The preparations for the trip were very successful, due to the aircraft arriving on schedule in Managua, Nicaragua, December 1998.

2 December 1998

As of today the Avalon 450 has been attached to an organization called "Doctors Without Borders" based out of Geneva, Switzerland. A representative, Mr. Massimo is helping us get situated and understand the specifics. We will report what develops as time progresses, with some digital photos if possible.


Ed Cesar

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